Fates Defiance -- a guild with a rich history and many faces. Sometimes a raiding powerhouse, sometimes an LDoN XP factory, always a group of friends dedicated to having fun in Norrath.

Are you looking for a large guild? One that is so overpowered, that even though most of its members play poorly, they can defeat the elemental planes? A guild where your own skills will be hidden by so much battle spam that nobody can tell if you're doing your job or not? A guild where you know the person that invited you to join, and not many other people know who you are?

If all of that appeals to you, you're on the wrong website.

Fates Defiance is a guild based on fun and friendship. We are a medium sized guild that is growing slowly but steadily. We are small enough that everyone must play their role well if we are to be victorious, but large enough that we can take on some of the toughest mobs in the game. We are small enough that your talents and shortcomings will be noticed, and large enough to have many excellent players you can learn from. We are small enough that people notice when you come and go in Norrath, and large enough that there will be a friend online to help you with what needs doing.

Fates Defiance believes in:

Past successes include sub-elemental Planes of Power, taking our "twink brigade" and whooping on old world dragons and planes, and the Halls of Testing in Temple of Veeshan.

Our current mission is to gain access to Vex Thal in Luclin. To be successful there, we need more people than we currently have in the roster.

We need.... YOU.

If you're reading this page, it's probably because you know someone in our guild, or because you were directed here by one of our members. This means you've already cleared the toughest hurdle to becoming a member -- we only recruit people that impress us with their play and attitude in game.

If you're looking for a home, we're willing to give you a try. Please post in the Welcome Wagon forum, drop a /tell to an officer in game, or contact us via Email or chat:

Main Toons Level Rank Alternate Toons Contact Info
Bawd 65 Guild Leader Nuor, Zorch MrWhoopaxe@hotmail.com, MrDorff on YIM
Gorewyn 65 Officer McDizzor, McCorpse, McFalls, McEvicerate, McLimerick mattimcdonough@eaton.com, McDizzo92 on YIM
Maarkov 61 Officer Cathloris, Maarcus, Warmarch, Siilent Maarkov_C@hotmail.com
Minena 65 Officer Soeur Lanfear@alltel.net, MinenaVindi on YIM
Shazzum 65 Officer Muzzahs, Arrnusan, Finanna, Saldiar, Shazibe, Shazy bnnorris@carolina.rr.com
Zilden 65 Officer Phisto, Zilzen Zilden@yahoo.com, Zilzen on AIM