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Fates Defiance is now recruiting!

Fates is a small friendly guild. We understand that people have other obligations and can't always make it to every single raid. We try to keep EverQuest what it is - a game, which implies having fun. We do get frustrated when wipes are due to spam in the raid channel, people not listening, leaders not leading clearly, and of course people who are AFK. We may even get more frustrated by these things than others would. We tend to have a bit of a hero complex - we don't want to be good, we want to be the best. These issues interfere with us doing well, and are easily preventable. We generally even find it funny when we have an ugly wipeout on a big raid, so long as everyone was doing their best.

We have three basic rules:
- Guild first in all matters
- The game is supposed to be a game, keep it that way
- If you aren't having fun then you're doing it wrong

We award loot in a "need before greed" fashion via merit-based officer discussion. If a WAR item drops, and it's an upgrade for the only warrior on the raid, he gets it. If there are multiple warriors, the officers present at the raid vote on who should get it. They take into account how much each person needs the item as well as how much effort they've put into the guild. In the end, we try to choose the path that would be most beneficial to the guild as a whole. If it's not an upgrade for anyone, it either goes into the guild bank to be used at a later date or we all roll to see who gets to sell it.

We pride ourselves on being able to do a lot with fewer people than most other outfits. We did Vox with less than two full groups. We can do ToV for Skyshrine armor with a group and a half. We want to see what we can do with a few more good players working with us.

For more information, contact the Lead Recruiting Officer Phisto or Assistant Recruiting Officer McDizzo or the Guild Leader Bawd.

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