Target Zone Spawn Loot
Lord Yelinak Skyshrine 7 days ST keys
Klandicar Western Wastes 3-6 days ST keys
Zlandicar Dragon Necropolis 3-6 days ST keys
Sontalek ? Western Wastes ST Keys
Dozekar the Cursed 7 days Temple of Veeshan Tears for quests
Lendiniara ? Temple of Veeshan ?
Gozzrem ? Temple of Veeshan ?
Telkorenar ? Temple of Veeshan ?
Darakor the Vindicator 8 hours Kael Drakkel BP and rare chance of a ST Key
King Tormax 7 days Kael Drakkel ST Keys and misc uber gear
Statue/Idol of Rollas Zek 5 days Kael Drakkel Plate BP, ST Key, and misc uber gear
Velketor the Sorcerer ? Velketor's Labyrinth ST Key
Severilous 7 days Emerald Jungle GDS and lvl 60 spells
Thought Horror Overfiend ? The Deep ?
Burrower Beast ? The Deep ?
Rhag Zhezum 3 days Ssraeshza Temple Luclin spells and misc sleeves and weapons
Rhag Mozdezh 3 days Ssraeshza Temple Luclin spells and misc leggings and weapons
Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune ? Ssraeshza Temple ?
Rhozth Ssrakezh 5-7 days Ssraeshza Temple Cursed cycle
Rhozth Ssravizh 5-7 days Ssraeshza Temple Cursed cycle
Grieg Veneficus ? Grieg's End ?
Rumblecrush 7 days Umbral Plains Luclin spells and BP's for all classes
Doomshade Spawned Umbral Plains Luclin spells and misc weapons
The Itraer Vius ? Akheva Ruins ?
Shei Vinitras ? Akheva Ruins ?
The Va`Dyn ? Akheva Ruins ?
Evolved Burrower ? Acrylia Caverns ?
Auliffe Chaoswind ? Bastion of Thunder ?
Brynju Thunderclap ? Bastion of Thunder ?
Eindride Icestorm ? Bastion of Thunder ?
Kuanbyr Hailstorm ? Bastion of Thunder ?
Nitram Anizok 2 hours Plane of Innovation Xanamech
Aerin`Dar ? Plane of Valor ?
Untel`Dak ? Plane of Nightmare ?
Vhaksiz the Shade ? Plane of Nightmare ?
Terror Matriarch ? Plane of Nightmare ?
Terris Thule ? Plane of Nightmare B ?
Korucust ? Chardok B ?
Keeper of the Seal ? The Hole ?
Target Zone Spawn Loot